A Registered Investment Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Living Earth Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Form ADV Part 2 available upon request.  For more information, please contact us.

2307 NE 132nd Ave
Portland, OR 97230
(503) 807 - 2062


How much do you charge?

0.40% - 1.00% of assets under management.  For example, an account with a $100,000 balance and a 0.50% annual fee will be charged approximately $500 per year.   

Are you paid on commission?

No.  There is no incentive for frequent or excessive trading.

What services do you offer?

Investment management - selecting stocks, bonds, and other securities to reach financial goals with responsible investments

Planning and Analysis - retirement and other financial modelling.  Solutions are based on individual circumstances and preferences  

Is there a minimum investment?

No.  The third party custodian that holds securities and funds will charge an annual fee on accounts with balances less than $10,000.  

How long have you been doing this?

Living Earth Investments began operations in 2008.  I have worked in finance since 1997.


Why work with you?

  • Careful and deliberate investment selection process
  • Low fees with the goal of long term positive returns
  • Responsive - calls, emails, and texts are returned the same day
  • No up selling - there are no additional plans or policies offered
  • Transparent - clients have access to accounts at all times

More questions?  Please reach out or use the contact form.